Celebrate International Women's Day

Cream Tea in Premier Business Centre

The ladies here in Premier Business Centre in Citywest have decided to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day in style. We are hosting a fabulous cream tea, arranged by Social Bee, a mobile afternoon tea company, to support Dress for Success Dublin.

Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated the world over on March 8th and is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women's Rights and International Peace. This very special day celebrates the achievements of women the world over without regard to divisions, whether racial, cultural, economic or political. It’s also used as a call to action on gender parity in all countries. The day began as a national holiday in Russia to celebrate the Russian women winning suffrage in 1908. This year marks 110 years of celebrations! We mark this day along with countless men and women around the world, many of whom enjoy days off work.

This year we are pairing up with Dress for Success Dublin to donate suitable clothing and accessories to women in need in Ireland. Founded in 2011 by stylist, designer and tech entrepreneur, Sonya Lennon, their mission is to promote the economic independence of women by providing career development tools and a support network. One of the key steps in helping women back to the workplace is providing professional clothing and styling advance in advance of a job interview.

You can see how much of a difference they make to these women’s lives with over 57% now working, and over 75% are where they want to be, whether in employment or in further education and training. We cannot think of a better cause to support to celebrate International Women’s Day!

We, with the help of Social Bee, are hosting a cream tea for all of the ladies in Premier Business Centres in our Citywest office on 8th March to celebrate this important day. We are asking clients to donate suitable clothing/accessories on the day which we will then arrange to be delivered to Dress for Success. These donations will be given to women who they help to get back to the workplace and helps to give them the confidence and stylishness to impress potential employers during an interview. This coupled with one to one and industry-specific coaching will help these ladies to get back to where they would like to be employment-wise. 

We are asking for donations of lightly-worn clothing, designer work wear, jewellery, accessories, unopened perfume and suitable footwear. As with all donations, if it isn’t in good enough condition to wear it yourself then don’t donate it. We want these ladies to look and feel as fabulous as they really are.

As we need a final number of attendees by 2nd March, there will be a strict RSVP policy by this date. You can send an email to dcullen@premgroup.com to confirm your attendance but please do not do so unless you are sure you can make it. 

We hope this will be a very successful event and hope we can make even a small difference to the lives of some very worthy ladies. We look forward to seeing you all there!