Productivity Tips for Work

We all have days where we feel like no matter what we do we can’t get anything done fast enough. Sometimes it feels like we’re wading through water! We have put together a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your work day and stay as alert and productive as possible;


Let’s start with the very basics; a good night’s sleep. When we don’t sleep well our minds can be groggy and slow all day and our bodies won’t allow us to work to our full potential. Try to have a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 10 hours of good quality sleep in a dark room, free from noise and any other distractions. Try to keep up this sleep pattern over the weekend too. Unfortunately, just one long lie in can have a jet-lag effect and upset your sleep for the rest of the week.


Water (or lack thereof) has a profound effect on our minds and bodies. Water can help keep us alert, has a good effect on our energy levels & brain and kidney functions. In order to have a productive day at work and stay on the top of our game, it is advised that we drink roughly 2-litres of water over the course of a day. Although it is our go-to drink to stay awake, coffee can have adverse effects such as dehydration, high blood pressure and insomnia. Try a non-caffeinated green tea and stick to water where possible


We cannot overstate the importance of exercise and good nutrition as an all-round good lesson but it’s important to incorporate these into our work day too. Try a new stretching routine each morning before you leave the house to ensure your body is ready for the day ahead. You could attend a yoga or exercise class before work or during your lunch hour if you’re lucky enough to have shower facilities in the office. Also, eating well at lunchtime can determine whether you feel sluggish in the afternoon.

Fresh Air

Ensure the room you spend most of your day in has a fresh-air supply and is well ventilated. If you have control of the air conditioning, try to use it as little as possible. Relying on windows for your ventilation is much better than breathing in stale, recycled air all day. Get out for a walk at lunchtime to fill your lungs with fresh air and clear your head. When you return you should feel refreshed and ready for whatever the afternoon brings. Keep some green plants on or near your desk too, they filter toxins out of the air and produce oxygen.

Clear Your Desk

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes. To ensure you have a productive day, clear your desk of all waste and completed work. File any papers neatly on your desk and make a to-do list or pile to work through, most important items at the top. If you are distracted easily by music or chatter, use noise-cancelling earphones or play some peaceful sounds in the background. Most importantly, put away your phone! Don’t let social media or unrelated emails distract you.

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