The Importance of a Good Workstation

Office layout and furniture are of utmost importance, not only to our bodies but it has a huge impact on the way we work too. Bad furniture and a bad environment can leave us feeling uncomfortable, tired and less productive. We are noticing more and more clients upgrading their desks and workstations so we’ve put together a handy guide below:


Lets start at the very beginning, the office space itself. The very basics your office should have are a window or access to fresh air or ventilation. A lack of fresh air in a room makes your brain tired and can have a serious effect on your work. The lighting in the room should be adequate, too bright and your eyes will become tired, too dark and they’ll be strained. The temperature in the office is also important; If the room is too warm you’ll find it hard to concentrate and a cold room makes your body tense up and become stiff.


For office-based workers, our desk is where we spend most of our day so it’s important to have the right desk for you. Your desk should always be tidy, without rubbish or yesterdays coffee cups in your way. Make sure you have sufficient storage both on and under your desk so you’re not wading through piles of paper to find what you need. This not only encourages productivity but looks more professional to visitors.

The newest trend in office furniture and something we’ve seen more and more of in our serviced offices are standing desks. Sitting down for 8 hours a day is ill-advised and can lead to cardiovascular problems, obesity and stiffness in the legs and hips. Standing desks promote good circulation, keeping your mind more alert and burning calories with minimal effort. The desks are usually adjustable and can be swiveled on the spot.


The most important chair in your life is the one you’re probably sitting in right now! A good office chair provides both pelvis and lumbar support, both hugely important to ensure your back is being properly accommodated for the 8-hours a day you’re sitting at your desk. A good chair can help to improve your posture, breathing and lessen fatigue. Your chair should be adjustable to suit your height, weight and suitable for your desk.

Desk layout

You may have the best suited table for you, but what about what’s on it? Your screen should be at the correct height so you do not have to stoop or strain to see it. You should also have a screen protector, to shield your eyes from the harsh screen light (a lot of newer computer screens have this built in). Your wrist should be supported when using your keyboard and mouse with a foam wrist support; this helps to prevent carpal tunnel. If you’re right-handed, consider moving your phone to the right-hand side of your desk, saving yourself from unnatural reaching each time it rings. The list goes on.

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