Why Private Office SPace is Still Essential for New Businesses

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

Two of the biggest factors when choosing an office space are the location and price. When you decide to use serviced office space, especially the Dublin Offices offered by Premier Business Centres, you are not only getting a fantastic central location but a flexible price, suited to your business needs. Coworking spaces, as well as buying and renting a property can be extremely costly and can eat into the company’s profit, especially in the first few years of business. You’re also not guaranteed the same desk in the same office every day unless you reserve space well into the future.


We all know how that office work can sometimes be trying. You have one colleague listening to the radio, another eating loudly and someone across the room that won’t stop coughing. At least when these distractions are coming from your colleagues there are offices rules & noise limits and if all else fails you can always ask nicely if they can lower the volume. No such rules or manners exist in coworking spaces. People are free to enjoy the space as they see fit, regardless of how distracting it is to fellow office-users. Employees who work from home are often preoccupied, concentration levels dip and distractions like pets, children, and tv/social media are very easily accessed.

Personality Types

Dublin offices and most businesses in the 21st century try to be as inclusive as possible. An office environment should capable of accommodating and making all kinds of personality types feel comfortable and thrive, maximising their output. Finding the correct balance of personalities and types of people in an office can take a long time to perfect, Often weeks or months with many office switches. Private office space gives you the right balance of flexibility & comfort, something co-working spaces could never compete with. Meeting a new group of colleagues every day in a shared office can be stressful and off-putting for many workers.


When discussing these sensitive issues, it is important that everyone is on the same page. The discussion about inclusivity should include employees from all departments, at all skill levels and from diverse backgrounds to ensure every voice is heard. These discussions should be held often and be flexible in nature, evolving with the business and its employees. You should set goals, celebrate differences and review your findings regularly, ensuring that all voices are heard equally and no idea, no matter how silly, is ignored.

A workplace should be a place where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to bring their authentic self, to share their unique thoughts and contribute to employee engagement. Investing in private office space allows all of these factors and will ultimately make your business stronger.

When you choose a flexible serviced office solution with Premier Business Centres, you are guaranteed a comfortable, private office space tailored to suit your business needs.

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