8 Workplace Trends For 2022

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

The way we work has changed for good. Remote, hybrid and flexible working has gone from a rare benefit to a standard part of new contracts. 2022 will see a big change in workplace trends and Premier Business Centres are ready for the challenge. Here are some of the workplace trends we expect to see in 2022.

The Right to Disconnect

The lines between work and personal time have blurred since we have adapted to working from home. The Right to Disconnect is a law passed in 2021 which gives employees the right to switch off from work outside of normal working hours, including the right to not respond immediately to emails, telephone calls, or other messages. We expect to see employees make use of this important amendment to reclaim their personal time and improve their work/life balance.

Employee Wellbeing

During the pandemic, employee wellbeing, both physical and mental, took centre stage. Employers will continue to improve working conditions for staff, leading to a more productive and dedicated workforce. Prioritising employee wellbeing can include an increase in a living wage, employee benefits, greater flexibility and support outside of working hours.

Flexible Working

Last year, an IWG survey revealed that almost half of office workers would quit if asked to return to the office full time. The demand for flexible working has increased greatly and many consider it standard when finding a new job. Flexible or hybrid working can be added to an employer’s list of employee benefits and allows companies to choose from a wider, and younger, talent pool.

Workforce dispersion

The days of crowded office spaces are over. Aside from health benefits, having fewer employees present in the office every day will open a national or even global pool of potential candidates. Teams have become adept at communicating from wherever they are in the world and productivity has not been affected. Diversity and inclusion will also be positively impacted by the extension of recruitment boundaries.

Urban Regeneration

New life is being breathed into suburbs, towns and villages as the workforce is no longer tied to large offices in city centres. Workplace Hubs like our brand-new Coworking space in Naas accommodate the increasing number of people freed from their daily commute allowing a shorter commute to a shared office space. As a result, employees can choose to live in rural or more affordable areas, improving their work/life balance.

Reduced Overheads

Office rent is usually one of a company’s biggest overheads. One of the many benefits of hybrid working for employers is the opportunity to downsize costly real estate. Not all employees will need a dedicated desk or need to be present in the office every day. This will lead to a demand for serviced offices, shared space and hot desks. This results in cost savings, not just in rent but also in utility bills, cleaning fees and office equipment.

Continuation of The Great Resignation

2021 has been dubbed The Great Resignation by HR professionals. Workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers leading to a staff and skill shortage in many industries. NPR reported that 4 million workers quit just in April 2021 alone. Individuals are leaving their jobs in search of more money, more flexibility and more happiness. As a result, employee retention will be a top priority across teams and organisations.

Continued use of Technology

We’ve relied on workplace technology more in the past 2 years than we had in the previous 10. It has kept businesses afloat during numerous lockdowns and people employed in times of uncertainty. This trend is set to continue and increase, absorbing scheduling, approving expense reports, and monitoring the completion of tasks. The next wave of AI will start to provide performance feedback and support employees in building peer-to-peer connections. This will lead to a lower manpower requirement.

Contact Premier Business Centres to find out how we can help your business grow while keeping costs down in 2022 and beyond. Our range of flexible workplace solutions including workplace hubs, urban office space, serviced offices, virtual offices, call answering services, and more fit every business type.

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