Benefits of using virtual office services

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

A virtual office allows clients utilise a professional business address and phone answering service without actually having to be there for a minimum monthly fee and sign up for as short or long as you need.

Virtual Office packages are ideal for all sized companies, sole traders, start-ups or small businesses that don’t necessarily need an office but would benefit from having a business address (that isn’t their home address), call answering service and post forwarding service.

Virtual office packages cut the time and cost of administration within an organisation helping you to focus on your business and accurately budget for the year ahead.

We are available to take your calls when you cant !!

Never miss a call, to ensure consistency and never missing an important call our call answering service is one of the easiest services to set up …. Calls are answered, transferred to your mobile or messages taken and emailed. You don’t have time to answering the phone, but you don’t want to miss out on potential new business ? Virtual offices offer a call answering service, with each call handled and directed by a human – no automated voicemail.

Cost Effective

Business Wire magazine reports that many companies spend between 15% and 45% of their outgoings on rent. As a result of digital advances, many workforces are almost entirely remote leaving less need for a physical address. Businesses realise in tough times that downsizing their office and making cuts to spending are a priority, but you don’t want to impact your customer experience. A virtual office allows for both. Having a virtual address to receive and forward post, as well as a professional call-answering service can save your business thousands over the year when compared with more traditional means for the same service. Packages start from €49 ex Vat per month.

Professional & Secure Business Address

A professional business address adds credibility to a business. It shows customers that you are a legitimate company they can trust. Choosing a known business address like Hatch Street or Baggot Street in Dublin 2, allows you work from anywhere in Ireland or abroad.

Another important aspect is the ability to ensure your home address is kept private and you have no worries about a disgruntled customer arriving at your house.

Additional Flexibility

While traditional property leases leave tenants tied into strict contracts for years with high overheads and commitment, virtual offices work on more flexible contracts with contracts available from 3 months onwards.

Virtual offices give business owners multiple options, allowing them to pick the one that best suits their work style and lifestyle. A fixed monthly cost with no overheads or hidden fees allows your business to budget accordingly. We work with you to make a tailored plan adding or omitting aspects of the service you may not need. There are no long-term commitments and at the end of your agreement, if you want to expand, we offer serviced office options.

Premier Business Centres Virtual Offices

Virtual offices allow for an increase in productivity, a reduction in commuting costs and more flexibility. Virtual offices significantly lower overheads and technology costs for a more cost-effective version of business management. When you decide on a virtual office with Premier Business Centres you’ll enjoy;

  • Dedicated call answering service in your company name.
  • Personalised dedicated digital voicemail box
  • Meeting room hire available in Ballsbridge and Naas
  • Meeting room hire at preferential rates
  • Progress to an office if and when your business is ready
  • Fixed monthly overheads
  • Professional business centre coordinators

We are delighted to offer 12 months of our virtual office package for the price of 10 for a limited time. Contact one of our business centre coordinators to tailor a package to your company’s needs today. The offer does not apply to the Postal Address package.

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