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Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

Branding is more than a logo and an eye-catching colour scheme. It is a tool used by businesses to control how they are viewed in the public eye. Strong branding drives business growth, increases financial value and integrates all aspects of your business and vision. Remember, your business is your brand and your brand is your business, one cannot thrive without the other. Here are our tips to make sure your business branding is effective and reaches out to the right audience:

Why is your brand important?

We all know how competitive and cutthroat the industry can be so making sure your brand voice is heard among the white noise I essential. The look and style of your brand is important, but your brand identity is the key to your business success. The first step in effective business branding is defining your companies’ mission, vision, promises, values and personality. Figure out what the company’s core values are & what the message should be and make this the foundation for every aspect of the business. Ensuring your company has a clearly defined voice, coupled with a visually appealing logo, colours and branding is the key to successful business branding.

Who are your audience?

Defining your audience is a key part of branding and can save your business thousands in the long run. Your audience should have a specific personality type, specific traits and be clearly defined under a number of topics including motivations, goals, pressure points, demographics and behavioural identifiers. Some of the most important factors to identity are the spending habits of your target audience and their ‘pain points’, the problems that your product should solve for them. The content of your advertising and branding should speak directly to your target audience, otherwise you might as well be shouting into a room of uninterested people.

How do you tell your story?

Studies have shown that customers interact better with brands they can connect with on an emotional level. Anyone can think of a catchy slogan but to stand out from the crowd, you need to be unique. Tell your story with a consistent voice, making sure to avoid jargon and in a way that your customers can identify and connect with. Storytelling is a great way to keep your customers attention and making sure your product isn’t just another ‘product’, it’s an experience. Your brand is part of the personality of your company and that should be defined from the outset. Make sure your voice matches your product and speak in a consistent tone & manner.


Consistency is key. Your customers need to know what to expect from your brand and expect reliability time and time again. A consistently reinforced message of reassurance and trust in your product goes a lot further than you’d realise. It also helps to build brand loyalty with your current customer. Every marketing campaign, down to your Instagram posts should reflect the companies core values, reinforce your brand and encourage engagement with new and existing customers. Building this sort of consistent brand identity will encourage engagements with your audience and help to drive business growth.


You cannot count what you cannot measure. Every public engagement you undertake should be measured and managed by your marketing team to ensure you can see where your business is coming from and what no longer works. Using business metrics like Google and Facebook Analytics can help you identify and focus on your target audience and see what you can do to improve engagement using branding. Your company and branding should be willing and able to evolve as you grow and adjust your business focus while remaining true to your core values.

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