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Is Ireland Diverse?

Today we’re talking about diversity in the workforce of Ireland and asking ourselves is Ireland diverse and how do we cater to diversity in our workplaces?At Premier Business Center we’re asking ourselves; is Ireland diverse and how do we cater to diversity in our workplaces? Almost 20% of the total population of Ireland are foreign-born. Dublin, as the most densely populated county, has the most diverse workforce meaning Dublin offices, including serviced offices and their occupants, need to be inclusive and accepting of the diverseness of its workforce.

What is diversity in the workplace?

The word diversity means having distinct or unlike elements. Workplace diversity means that a company employs people who may be different from each other in a number of ways.

Inclusive workplace.

Inclusive culture in the workplace is an important aspect of working life in all offices. Respect, equality and positive recognition of differences should be encouraged at all times, both from the individual employees and the company policies & ethos. Disability should pose no barrier to a positive workplace experience, either for the employee in question or the wider working community. An inclusive workplace is one that values the diversity and differences of its workforce and makes everyone feel welcome and accepted. The design of the workplace should not segregate or hinder any employees based on their special requirements or draw unwanted attention to them in any way. 

Tips for being more inclusive in your office:

Address diversity and inclusion in your workplace

When discussing these sensitive issues, it is important that everyone is on the same page. The discussion about inclusivity should include employees from all departments, at all skill levels and from diverse backgrounds to ensure every voice is heard. These discussions should be held often and be flexible in nature, evolving with the business and its employees. You should set goals, celebrate differences and review your findings regularly, ensuring that all voices are heard equally and no idea, no matter how silly, is ignored.

Diverse Leadership

Ireland is changing demographically, and companies need diverse leaders who reflect a changing workplace. Leaders should create a safe space for all team members where every employee can speak up, be heard and feel welcome. Leaders should accept and give constructive feedback on input from all employees including those whose expertise or backgrounds differ from their own. They should ask questions to the team and encourage staff to mix & collaborate with groups outside of their own and confer with diverse members of staff about how to make the workplace more inclusive.

Recognise Bias

Every member of your team should understand what bias is and how it affects individuals and the workplace. While bias can be a conscious choice, a leader needs to recognise and correct any unconscious bias they may have. Unconscious bias, or implicit bias, is something we are unaware of and which happens outside of our control. It happens automatically and is a quick judgement made by our brain influenced by our personal experiences, background and our environment. Most of us would never say or believe any generalising statements about our staff or colleague but our unconscious minds sometimes cause us to make decisions based on stereotypes portrayed by cultural ignorance or the media. Recognizing these flaws in ourselves and our colleagues is key to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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