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There is no denying that the future of work is hybrid. Studies from McKinsey in 2022 have shown a huge change between the ratio of work from home pre and post covid with up to 50% of participants spending less than 50% of their working week in the office. Despite this, many companies have not finalised their work from home plans, leaving things a little fuzzy for employees. 47% of participants have expressed that a lack of clear vision about work in the post-pandemic world is a cause for concern for them. Together with a workplace solutions company with locations in Dublin and Kildare, organisations can find a way to keep both staff and business needs balanced with no disruption to output.

What is Hybrid Working?

Every working person and business in Ireland (and possibly the world) may have heard about hybrid working, a concept only coined in the mainstream since March 2020. Hybrid working, as opposed to remote working, is an agreement between employer and employee about a flexible workplace. Hybrid working combines working from home and working in the office for a specified number of days per week or month.

Working fully remotely can lead to a disconnect between colleagues and a divide in the workplace. Working solely in the office can lead to a one-sided work-life balance and a sense of unfairness when compared to the perceived freedom of colleagues within similar industries. Hybrid working is a combined method of work, offering both parties balance and fairness.

Right to Request Work From Home Bill 2021

At the moment, there is a bill being discussed by government that, once enacted, will give employees a legal right to request remote working. Under the draft provisions of the act, all employers must have a written policy on working from home. The policy will set out how remote working requests are managed and the conditions that will apply to remote working generally within the business.

While an employer can refuse an employee this request it will be on reasonable and provable grounds. Employees will have a right to appeal to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) where an employer does not respond to a request, does not give reasonable grounds for a refusal or penalises an employee for accessing your right to request remote working. There is no better time than now to discuss and agree your company’s hybrid working policy.

Your Hybrid Working Policy

Hybrid working only works when it suits both employer and employee. Both should have a fair and equal say in negotiations. Many factors should be considered including;

  • The nature of the work and whether it can be carried out effectively remotely
  • The balance of work between staff wishing to remain in the office & work remotely
  • Potential negative impact on quality or performance
  • Planned structural changes
  • The Burden of additional costs
  • Concerns about business confidentiality or intellectual property
  • Concerns about the suitability of the proposed workspace
  • Concerns about the internet connectivity of the proposed remote working location
  • Ongoing or recently concluded formal disciplinary processes

Osprey Hub

If there are concerns about the suitability of the workspace, employers might consider rural working hubs as part of their hybrid working policies. Working hubs in more rural locations mean that employees have less of a commute and can enjoy the benefits of working near home without the distractions of home life.

Osprey Hub, our brand new co-working space in Kildare offers all of the benefits of working in the office without the long commute, ideal for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We offer private and co-working space, high-speed internet connection, the opportunity to mingle with other co-workers, and a professional working environment. We have a range of packages from a day pass to a month pass, each with its own price and benefits. We also provide professional meeting space and tea/coffee facilities if needed.

Contact our team at Premier Business Centres today to learn more about the workplace solutions we offer. We have a dedicated team for virtual office clients, offer serviced office space both in the heart of Dublin city and in more suburban locations and our coworking hub in Kildare. Call us to speak to one of our friendly team about your options.

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