Office Trends for 2023

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

Just like pop culture, workplaces have trends that change every so often. The recent pandemic lockdowns have caused the first major shift in workplace trends that have affected the public on a huge scale, as opposed to an insular industry-level change. Changes such as where we work, what we prioritise and how we get together have dramatically shifted since 2020 and employers need to keep up with the trends to keep their teams happy and satisfied at work. Contact Premier Business Centres for workplace solutions in Dublin and Kildare that work for your business.

Downsizing Offices

With the rise and rise of flexible working arrangements, we are seeing a trend of large businesses downsizing to spaces that work better for smaller teams. Business owners are prioritising high-quality, well-designed office spaces with more cost-effective plans than traditional leases. The office has to provide you with something you cannot get at home, like a reception, private meeting space or the opportunity for team collaboration. Companies are offering suburban or non-central workspaces to lower costs and reduce commute time for staff. Businesses that downsize their office space pay for only what they need, saving money on rent, facilities, and utilities. Premier Business Centres may have the perfect service office for your business. Contact us to learn more.

Flexible workspaces

Following on from downsizing offices, an important part of finding the best possible office for your team is ensuring the space is flexible to your growing and moving needs. Your office space should be flexible enough to accommodate your day-to-day while still allowing for an all-hands meeting in the office or somewhere nearby as needed. For your office, this may mean creating customisable workstations, designated quiet spaces, access to shared meeting space, company-shared facilities like canteens and stationery supplies and more. Flexible spaces create a more open office culture, encouraging collaboration and better interdepartmental relationships.

Flexibility on the Front Line

As we enter a post-pandemic workplace, the notion of being in the office five days a week no longer exists for many desk-based workers. According to the CSO, 34% of employees usually or sometimes work from home but many businesses do not have the flexibility to offer this to their employees on the frontlines. It’s hard to find comparable and equitable compensation for frontline workers. 2023 will see an improvement in working conditions and benefits for front-line employees offering them greater flexibility with shifts, better employment benefits, more transparent remuneration, preference over who they work with and in particular control and stability of their work schedule and time off. This is important to keep employees happy in these essential, frontline jobs.

Sustainable Performance

Employees are still healing from the trauma of lockdowns and the impact they have had on their work lives. According to, employee stress and worry are higher now than  pre-2020 with nearly 60% of employees reporting that they are stressed at their jobs every day. In 2023, a holistic approach to workplace performance and progression will be the new norm. Employers will support their teams with proactive rest for employees to promote resilience and performance, allotted wellness time and activities, shorter working weeks and better support from management for both team members and leaders. There will be an increase in open and honest conversations to work through challenges without judgment or consequences. We’ll see a big increase in the use of the ‘Right to Switch off’ legislation.

Greater Focus on Social Skills

Workplace culture has changed beyond recognition since 2020. Many employees working within a team for 2+ years have never met their colleagues face to face. 2020 will see an increase in social skills training and in-person informal colleague events. Gen-Z, the newest cohort to the workplace have not had the opportunity to observe workplace norms or determine what is effective or appropriate within their organisations. We’ll see an increase in building intentional and more authentic connections with their colleagues and more team-building exercises throughout the year rather than just Summer and Christmas.

Premier Business Centres are here to support your business no matter what stage you’re at. From virtual addresses and call answering services for start-ups, to long and short-term office lets for established businesses who need to upscale or downsize, our workplace solutions fit everyone. Contact one of our team to learn more about our services and see how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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