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With hybrid working the new normal, it’s easy to let team bonding slip lower down your list of priorities in work. We forget that many people hired since the beginning of the pandemic and lockdowns have spent a lot less face-to-face time with their colleagues and teammates. Help strengthen your team’s bonds with a fun team-building activity. If you’re lucky enough to have your office in Dublin City, we are spoiled for choice with so many activities to choose from, from outdoor & fitness fun to cookery courses. Team Building activities help to improve communication, improve teamwork and strengthen colleague relationships.  

Charity Volunteering

Boost your team’s morale and your company’s CSR by organising a charity volunteer day. Charities and not-for-profit organisations are always looking for donations of both funds and time to take the strain off their teams. Charities such as DSPCA love having teams of people to help renovate, do some gardening, painting or walk some of their loveable canine residents. Ronald McDonald House is always looking for teams to provide and prepare meals for parents who have children in nearby Crumlin Childrens Hospital. Local groups such as Tidy Towns or local councils would be grateful for a team of people to tidy up an abandoned field or building, improving their chances of funding. Get in touch with a charity close to your heart and give a little back while building team spirit.

Cookery Course

Make your team building an opportunity to learn a new skill with a cookery course. There are a couple of great options in Dublin City Centre where your team can cook a delicious meal to enjoy together after. Learn the techniques of rolling your very own dumplings in Lucky Tortoise in the heart of the city. Make a delicious pasta dish and dessert from scratch in the hidden gem, Pinocchio Cookery School in Temple Bar; a place you can book exclusively for your team no matter how big or small. Howth Cookery School are a little further away and offers a range of cuisines. Enjoy eating the delicious food you’ve made as a team congratulating yourselves and each other for a job well done.

Get Active

Outdoor dining is set to make a huge comeback this year with food courts, outdoor markets and new City Centre dining space popping up everywhere. It’s great to see Dublin restaurant making the most of the footpaths, parking spaces and in some cases the road outside their shopfronts, many of which have been rezoned by the council to make outdoor dining a part of Dublin’s foodie scene.

Make time to visit some of the city parks food markets which take place each weekend in Merrion Row, St Annes Park and Herbert Park, all recently reopened. Check local Facebook pages for pop up food trucks around the city and new coffee shops taking advantage of the new dining outdoors culture.

City Tour

Often, people who work in the city spend little time here bar a commute and the odd after-work drink.  A local tour is a good way to get to know Dublin City a little better while spending some informal time with your peers. You could opt for a bus or walking tour but Dublin is so diverse that you can choose an alternative tour and enjoy something your team won’t forget. You can take a bike tour, an afternoon tea tour, a ghost bus tour, a foodie tour, a musical pub crawl and so many more! You could even rent canoes and see the city from a unique vantage point on the River Liffey with an expert guide and instructor with you. You’ll definitely have something to talk about at the water cooler the following day.

Escape Rooms

Popping up all over Dublin, escape rooms are a clever way to encourage teamwork and trust among teammates. With dozens of themes to choose from, from murder mystery to fantasy, there is likely an Escape Room near your office, perfect after a quick bite to eat after work. Use your combined skills and intelligence to get out of the room in the quickest time by solving puzzles and thinking outside the box. You have no choice but to work together, relying on each other’s unique skills and interpretations of often cryptic clues. An escape room is a fantastic team-building activity.

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