How Flexiworking Could Help Your Business Achieve its Sustainability Goals

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

There are plenty of reasons for workplaces to rethink their working practices – from employee happiness to keeping real estate costs down. Flexible working offers people more time and energy to work on what really matters – their personal relationships, diet, exercise, leisure, and passions – all contributors to a healthy body and mind which in turn creates a stronger work drive. Whether it’s an intentional CSR goal or not, offering employees a flexible workspace also has positive environmental benefits.

1. Less Waste

By allowing employees to work remotely, employers can cut down both costs and waste on everything from printer paper to food refuse. During a typical workday, a typical worker uses a huge amount of physical resources, from pens and paper to energy usage and toilet flushing. Offering hybrid working encourages employees to use less in their own homes, becoming more conscious of their personal impact. When the onus is on the employee to pay for office supplies, it usually translates to remote workers being more conscious of waste and preferring digital solutions.

2. Less Carbon Footprint

Commuting to work accounts for over a quarter of kilometres travelled in passenger vehicles. Reducing the need to drive to and from work has benefits across the board from reducing commute time & travel costs to lowering our individual and collective carbon footprint. Fewer cars on the road and in the workplace means less workplace & commuter accidents. Working remotely, or at least varying start and finish times, can have a significant effect on congestion and improves the reliability of public transport systems.
Advances in technology have also lessened the need for international business travel with more flexible workers relying on conference calling and note sharing rather than boarding a plane.

3. Lower Energy Costs

Flexible and hybrid working also increases efficiencies in building energy. If there are fewer people in an office, it won’t need to be heated or cooled as frequently or intensely. With workers at home, they take control of their own energy costs by choosing how hot or cold they want their workspaces to be. They also have to pay for their own lighting & electronics which usually results in a decrease in use. It also saves the age-old argument about the office thermostat!

4. Cutting Down on Real Estate Space

The practice of renting or leasing large office buildings in the centre of a city, away from where your employees live, is now outdated. Energy costs, carbon emissions, high rents and commute times when retaining urban real estate is driving employers and employees to look at alternatives. Migrating to a more rural or suburban workspace not only offers a better work/life balance, but it also cuts costs, reduces carbon footprint, and spreads wealth to smaller towns & cities instead of having a concentration in an urban centre. Read more about moving your workplace to somewhere more suburban here

5. Premier Business Centres Sustainable Energy Program

Premier Business Centres Sustainable Energy Program was created in 2012 and becomes more important each year. We have, and continue to, implement simple changes to achieve significant progress without much capital investment or changes to our high-quality service. The hard work of our team & clients has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by almost a quarter so far, year on year.
A key part of our sustainability strategy was the development and implementation of an ‘Energy Management Plan’. These simple but effective steps, such as using power saving mode for electronics, increasing recycling, switching off lights & using air conditioning more sustainably, have resulted in a reduction of 57 tons of carbon emissions over just 12 months and a 24% decrease in energy consumption.

The very nature of flexible workspaces makes them greener, reduces waste and consumption over large permanent offices. Premier Business Centres offer companies the opportunity to lease the space they need for the time that they need it, reducing costly, unnecessary, or wasteful office space sitting unused. We can also reduce the need for permanent office space altogether by using a virtual office service.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your business to reduce your costs and carbon footprint today.

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