Should you choose an office in a suburban area?

Sarah Corcoran

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The way we work has changed in the past year. If the arrival of Covid 19 has taught us one thing about business, it is that flexibility and adaptability are key. We never thought we would be eating restaurant meals from home, home-schooling against our will or that it was possible to become a fully remote workplace overnight. As employees and companies grow more comfortable working from home, many businesses will be reimagining the traditional office set-up. Premier Business Centres are here to help whether you need to reduce the size or location of your office, or would like a more flexible rental agreement.

Why Choose a Serviced Office in a Suburban Location?

We have always been advocates for serviced office lets above long-term leases. We offer flexible solutions for both start-ups who are not ready to take on a long term lease, and established large businesses who want to take the hassle out of office rental. Our contracts and financial agreements offer you the space to expand or downsize at short notice, they include all services and we have multiple locations ranging from the city centre to a more suburban office location.


As is the case in every city in the world, if you want a premium address, you pay a little more in rent. Having access to multiple public transport options, a selection of lunch options, lunchtime shopping and after-work drinks is a huge bonus to city centre working but when you set up a satellite office on the outskirts of town you are offering your employees the best of both worlds. Having an office in a prime location is no longer a prerequisite of a successful business. Locating your staff in multiple locations, both in the city and in the suburbs, will save you money, lowering the cost of high real estate rates in cities. Suburban offices offer lower overheads, meaning your company has more money to spend improving your business. Without being tied to a rigid lease, companies who chose serviced offices can change their workspace set-up to best suit their current needs.

Better Work/Life Balance for Employees

With so many people working from home this year, we have become accustomed to a better work/life balance. We have cut out commutes to the city, fighting through traffic or on crowded public transport – instead, enjoying a leisurely morning routine and enjoying our homes and our families more. Many employees will not want to return to the rat race once life goes ‘back to normal’. One option could be to set up a satellite office in a suburban location. This suburban location could be closer to your employee’s homes and it would cut their commute and give them the best of both worlds.


While a central location is traditionally a benefit when recruiting, in more recent times, flexible working space and a quick commute are the front runners. Not only will a suburban office space save you money, but it will also be a real bonus when recruiting the best and brightest talent in Ireland who may be hoping for a shorter commute. You can offer your employees benefits where many city-centre locations fall short; a better work/life balance and flexible working arrangement.


Remote working works well for some and doesn’t for others. Some would happily work from home forever and others who are itching to get back to a structured office environment. Giving your employees the choice of hybrid working will have a huge impact on productivity, employee satisfaction and renting less space means less cost to the company. There is a solution that can offer businesses the best of both situations – mixing remote working with a traditional office set-up without the extra expense – renting a suburban serviced office closer to where your employees live. Companies are increasingly moving towards using flexible workspace providers like Premier Business centres as their main office base or as a satellite base.

Maintain Social Distance

It may have been the buzzword for 2020 but social distancing is only beginning for city office workers. While we work from home it isn’t an issue but as soon as we return to busy commutes, queueing in popular lunch spots and sitting in a shared office with colleagues, we will soon see it more difficult to keep 2 metres distance. As space is at a premium in built-up areas, suburban offices naturally offer more space and an easier means to keep social distance to keep yourself and your colleagues safe. It also saves your employees piling on to crammed buses or trains trying to get to the city by 9 am along with half of the population!

It makes sense for companies to move towards flexible office space in suburban locations, which offers the best of both worlds for their employees. Premier Business Centres offer a range of both city urban and suburban office space which can be customised to your needs. Our flexible licence agreements are ideal for companies hesitant to make a long term property commitment. We also offer virtual office space in prime locations in Dublin and Kildare. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your options.

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