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Are you considering a move from a bricks and mortar office to a more flexible, cost-effective solution? If so, a virtual office may be the best move for you. If you are sick of paying inflated Dublin rental rates Premier Business Centre offers a flexible solution providing a combination of services, space and technology to make your business life a little easier. Here’s why moving to a virtual office may be the next step for you:

Who will a virtual office suit?

Virtual offices are ideal for start-up companies or small established businesses looking to downsize or cut overheads or staffing costs. Virtual offices can be used as a legal address for companies who do not require office space. They offer a service that enables a small business to run remotely and use a desirable office address without having to pay extortionate rental costs. It removes the worry that faces many new and small businesses have about using their home or family address and allowing this information to be accessed by the public.

Benefits of a virtual office:

Less Overheads:

Not having an office space to rent and maintain means you can devote more time and money to your business. Dublin City demands rents of hundreds of thousands of Euro a year for the most prestigious addresses in Dublin 1 and 2.

Save Money on Technology:

All you need as a small business is a phone and an email address. We invest in the technology for call diversion and answering machines, simplifying the process so you can focus on growing your business.

Need for Less Staff:

Virtual office staff are highly trained and completely professional, giving your business a polished feel. We are always here, even when you take a much-needed break or work flexible hours. No need for a full-time receptionist. Having your virtual office means there is no need to employ a receptionist to answer the phone or take in the post. If you opt for a full-service office we can do all of that for you in a professional and confidential manner.

No commute:

There is no commute time. You don’t need to be present in the office at all times like a traditional office set-up. This is ideal for business owners or staff who travel a lot for work.

Less time wasting:

You can depend on the service to screen your calls, ensuring you don’t receive annoying or time-wasting sales calls. Only the important and valuable leads will be passed on to you. 

Because of this your existing staff will be more productive and can focus on making you money rather than fending off telesales people.

KEep home space private:

Keeping your home address private is of utmost importance to us and to you the business owner. You want your home and business premises to be separate and utilising a virtual office affords you this privacy

Have A dublin Address:

Using a virtual postal address means you create and maintain an office space in one of the most sought after addresses in Dublin, at a tiny fraction of the cost. Your professional address accompanied by a live manned landline phone number instils confidence in a potential customer. Would you trust a company with a personal address and a mobile number?

OUr flexible packages

There are a range of flexible packages offered by virtual offices, from a simple call answering service to a fully operational virtual office, depending on your business needs. Whether you are looking for a postal address only, a mail receipt and forwarding service or a call answering service by a live receptionist (rather than a voicemail service) Premier Business Centre offer a customisable service which suits your unique needs. We can also offer special offers and discounts for loyal or businesses multiple company names.

Moving to a virtual office gives businesses the opportunity to get off the ground without being weighed down by heavy financial burdens. At Premier Business Centres we offer a range of services and would be delighted to explain to you in more detail so our service can fit your needs. Contact Therese for more information on Premier Business Centres or the services we offer.

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