Why We Still Need the Traditional Office Space

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

In the wake of Covid 19, many employers are opting for a flexible, non-traditional way of working offering staff the best of both worlds. Despite this, not many employers are giving up their permanent or rented office space completely. This is likely because the traditional office setting is shifting from a functional space to a workspace designed around social interaction, collaboration, and relationship building. Hybrid working gives employees the flexibility of working from home while still having a focused, secure work environment a few days a week.


Working from home offers flexibility but it can be lonely. Many of us have lost touch with our colleagues and are missing the everyday interaction that came with the office or canteen. Returning to the office (even for a few days a week) encourages individual work while encouraging collaboration and camaraderie. It fosters a stimulating environment where staff can share ideas, stories and encourage each other within their departments. Mixing with other departments from the company can also encourage cross-selling and problem-solving from a new perspective.

Traditional office space

Many purpose built, large Dublin offices are cookie-cutter, designed in uniform and discouraging character or individuality. Premier Business Centres offer flexible office space in Dublin, without the corporate sterility of a more modern space. Many of our offices are beautifully restored Georgian style buildings with multiple rooms and high ceilings, offering a natural social distance and better ventilation. Your office and desk space are key parts of your working environment and encouraging individuality can improve team culture, productivity, and efficiency along with a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Private & Professional

Not only is an office space good for practical reasons, but it also appears more professional to customers and gives your businesses an added layer of credibility. Even if your business doesn’t rely on regular visits from the public, it is good for partners, investors, and visitors to have somewhere to base themselves.
Working from home brings all sorts of privacy and security issues. In March 2020, our priority was to keep our staff safe and our businesses going. Offering a longer-term, hybrid or flexible working arrangement leads to larger questions about sensitive information and GDPR compliance. Having a physical office to store your sensitive information and a secure Wi-Fi network adds an added level of security.

Safe return to work

While it is the personal responsibility of each person to follow government guidelines, practice enhanced personal hygiene and keep themselves as safe as possible, it’s a legal requirement for employers to provide a safe working environment for staff. Premier Business Centres have implemented strict cleanliness and sanitation guidelines to keep our staff and clients safe and comfortable.

Changes include:

  • Touchless sign in & out
  • Increased cleaning and the introduction of Steri-7 Xtra bio misting system each evening
  • Installation of protective screens & fixed signage
  • Waiting area seats have been removed and disposable cups, stirrers, etc have been provided
  • Encouraging staff to leave doors & windows open to increase ventilation
  • Hand sanitiser stations and increased signage to encourage visitors, clients, and staff to practise personal hygiene
  • An isolation area has been identified and Lead Workers have been fully trained in procedure in case there is an outbreak of Covid 19 in the office
  • 2m distancing will apply in all offices and be encouraged throughout the office
  • Staff logs are kept facilitating contact tracing

Short term let

When considering traditional office space, many companies only offer longer-term leases, tying you into a contract whether you’re using the space or not. When you chose a serviced office, a flexible office space or a shared office with Premier Business Centres, allowing your company to grow (or shrink) in line with business needs. For one low monthly price, you’ll cover rent, services, facilities, bills, and any administration costs that come with it. We also offer virtual office and call answering services to suit your unique needs.

Office spaces offer quiet, professional environments with fewer distractions than working from home. It is important to offer staff a choice, especially those who have difficult work from home facilities like small children and limited space. Contact Premier Business Centres to discuss your ‘back to the office’ needs by calling 01 629 2939 or emailing info@premierbusinesscentres.bbj2kbbexf-gok67pv87652.p.temp-site.link.

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