Working Near Home – The New Way of Working

Sarah Corcoran

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The way we work has been turned on its head as a result of the pandemic. Flexible, hybrid and coworking have been popular phrases and policies, even to companies who were previously sceptical. Both working from home and working in the office exclusively have their downsides. Working near home is a third option; a balance of in-office and working from home that has benefits for both employees and businesses. A new breed of co-working spaces, located in more suburban areas combine the best of both worlds and help to alleviate the drawbacks of both.

Working From Home

Reduced commute time has meant increased productivity for many employees, as well as the flexibility to work in ways that fit around family life and increased leisure time. While there is a lot to be said for the flexibility and freedom of a home office, there are clear downsides to working from home, which has truly lost its novelty for many. Distractions from children, housemates and pets, connectivity issues and lack of collaboration with colleagues have been constant issues as well as a longer working day.

Traditional Office Space

Traditional office space has worked for companies for decades, why does it need to change? There are many upsides to office space – such as increased social interaction between employees, increased collaboration between departments and better privacy, but it’s not always the only way. High rental costs, long commutes for employees and the day-to-day hassle of running an office gets in the way of running your business. Serviced office space solves many of those problems by offering flexible, affordable workspaces in a variety of locations both central and rural. Premier Business Centres offer quiet, professional environments with fewer distractions than solely working from home or the high cost of traditional office spaces. Our short-let options are perfect for your company whether you are a start-up or figuring out working arrangements going forward.

Flexible Working Spaces

As a result of a demand for ‘the best of both worlds’, new services have popped up – and many existing workplace solutions business owners may not have known about – making the transition easier. Coworking hubs, serviced offices and virtual offices are no longer a mystery used by freelancers and remote workers. They are now embraced by established and large-scale companies in place of a traditional workplace. Office space is being established as a place to meet and collaborate rather than a ball and chain for businesses and employees.

Co-Working Hubs

Co-working spaces aren’t a new idea but we’re seeing a change in location for these hubs. Instead of popping up in the middle of cities, companies are embracing more rural but still well-connected locations. These ‘near home’ hubs offer the convenience of working near home with the advantages of face-to-face interactions with colleagues, offering benefits to both employees and business owners. Our new co-working Hub in Naas, Co. Kildare will offer everything you’d expect from a traditional office space – top-spec office furniture, high-speed wi-fi and a professional working environment – without the distractions of working from home or the commitment of long-term office leases.

How Does Co-Working Work?

Co-working means employees of different companies, or freelance/self-employed people, share a communal office space. It allows cost savings and cost sharing as all overhead costs are included in rental such as electricity, heat, internet connection etc. It also offers employees an opportunity to collaborate and network with other businesses in the shared canteen facilities. One of the benefits of a more rural coworking space is the shorter commute for employees meaning a better work-life balance and more productivity within the workday. It also means there is a clear boundary once again between work and home life, adding to job satisfaction and employee wellness. Rural office spaces have also traditionally cost less than city centre space.

Premier Business Centres offer a range of workplace solutions to suit your business. Our serviced office space, virtual offices and our new co-working hub, opening early 2022 in Naas, offer you the flexibility and affordability to focus on your business. Contact one of our friendly team today to discuss your options or learn more about our shared office space in Dublin or Kildare.

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