How Hybrid Working is Boosting Local Communities

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

Businesses and companies have found their own way to manage employees and their various work/life demands with many opting for a hybrid workplace that serves both the company and employee wellbeing. According to recent research carried out by IWG & Arup, towns and villages across the countries could enjoy a financial and social boost thanks to the growth of hybrid working as a result of the pandemic? Here’s how;

Take The Pressure Of The Commute

Do you remember life before the pandemic when we’d spend an hour or more every morning and evening crammed on a tram, bus, or train or stuck in unmoving rush-hour traffic? With fewer people fighting the clock and the crowds to be at their desks by 9am, pressure has been taken off public transport, allowing those who have no choice but to commute to do so in relative comfort. It costs employees less to commute allowing a slightly better standard of living with more discretionary income. It’s also better for the environment. Fewer cars on the road means fewer emissions released into the atmosphere and less fuel used – it’s a win-win!

Social Dividends

Spending more time where we live usually means an increase in spending in the local area, hopefully supporting small and independent businesses. You don’t need to pop into a supermarket on the way home when you have a greengrocer, a butchers and a newsagents in the nearby village who need your help. Supporting local businesses also means you’re giving back to the community keeping local people in employment and family businesses going for longer. More people living and working locally means more jobs will be created, something which will help transform and sustain local communities. Local cafes and lunch spots have been popping up all over Dublin and Kildare for months now and we hope it continues!

Work/Life Balance

Working from home for many has been a way to reclaim a work/life balance. While we may have found it difficult to adjust in the beginning with no warning, many people have found their own way to hybrid working happiness which brings the balance back. Follow a few simple rules to ensure the balance swings in your favour and you could enjoy lower stress levels, more quality time with family and friends, better dietary choices and much more. Less stress can also lead to fewer medical issues and tension, giving you health freedom. A happy family makes a happy community.

Gives Space a Meaning

In rural communities, we’ve seen an abundance of co-working hubs and suburban offices popping up to accommodate those who want the freedom of remote working without the distractions of family life. Working near home is the new working from home and it gives use to space that may have alternatively gone to waste in the area. Businesses are renting their unused space to workers who enjoy a shorter commute, less time on the road and less traffic while still enjoying a professional office environment.

Real Estate

With more people working remotely or working less in the office, it has given young people a larger scope to buy homes. When there is less pressure for people to live close to their city centre workplaces, it takes the pressure off the real estate market and distributes house prices more evenly. Many families, couples and single people have chosen to move to rural or suburban areas, where value for money is better and commute less often. It’s a win for the local community and those who have been pushed out of the city by high house prices.

Good for businesses and employees

Hybrid working doesn’t only benefit the employee, it’s also beneficial for the employer. It has been shown that productivity in companies has gone up over the past 18 months, not down. Employees have better job satisfaction and employers have a much wider talent pool when recruiting. When you’re looking for the perfect candidate for your unfilled position, hybrid working or working ear home is a benefit that potential employees will take for granted as more and more companies adapt.

For flexible workplace solutions in Dublin and Kildare, contact the experienced Premier Business Centres team by phone or email. We can offer solutions for your business to keep you, your employees, and the local community happy.

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