How Hybrid Working is Improving Employee Wellbeing

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

As workplaces adopt a hybrid working model, in which remote and onsite working are combined, employee wellbeing is more important than ever. The recent change in how we work has turned our idea of employee wellness on its head and forced us to re-evaluate the role of the workplace in providing added value for organisations and their people. Work-life balance, mental health and employee wellbeing can all be improved by the introduction of hybrid working.

Work from Home Benefits

A recent PWC survey of US workers found that 72% of employees prefer a hybrid working model with 55% saying they would be happy to work remotely three days a week – but why? To put it simply, working from home means a better work-life balance. Flexible working means more time spent at home, offering employees more and better-quality time spent with family, friends, and pets. It cuts out what is often one or two hours of commuting per week, or 520 hours on the road, per year. It also reduces household expenditure on things like lunches, coffees, public transport costs, wear and tear to vehicles and more. Remote working can be carried out anywhere in the world with a good internet connection, not just from a home office, offering further flexibility.

Work From Office Benefits

Organisations can achieve better innovation, collaboration, and teamwork when employees interact face-to-face. If your team only meet virtually, it can be difficult to truly integrate into the company culture – especially for new starters. Meeting in person, chatting on the corridor or canteen and sharing an office with colleagues helps to build trust, encourages teamwork, and helps employees to collaborate and problem solve together. For some, working in the office offers employees a quiet, focused environment away from the noise and stresses of home life. Read our blog about the importance of maintaining a traditional office space here.

Hybrid Working Benefits

Combining the two and encouraging a hybrid working model means your workforce can better balance their personal lives with their professional responsibilities, leading to better employee wellbeing. Many managers have experienced a rise in productivity from teams who are offered flexible working solutions.
Productivity increases come from three sources, increased flexibility, increased focus, and reduced absenteeism. Employees can use breaks for essential errands like doctors’ appointments or dropping the kids to school. During busy periods or school holidays, the office is there as a place to escape distraction and increase focus. Staff no longer needs to take days off for minor injuries and illnesses like the common cold for fear of spreading it. Offering flexible or hybrid working models also contributes to employee retention and attracts better talent from a wider talent pool.

Co-Working Hub

Our new co-working hub, based in the Osprey Hotel Naas, offers a great solution for hybrid working. The hub, which will be opening in January 2022, provides a spacious, professional office environment without the hassle of leasing or rental contracts. All overhead costs are covered in your daily rate and complimentary high-speed wi-fi comes as standard. One of the main benefits of our new hub is its location. Based in the thriving suburban area of Naas, County Kildare, the hub provides additional flexibility to those wanting to avoid a busy city centre commute. You can read our blog about the many benefits of suburban offices, to both company and employee, here. Our clients will also be able to avail of additional, exclusive benefits, such as reduced rates for using the facilities in the Osprey Leisure Club.

Tips For Employee Wellbeing While Hybrid Working

  1. Maintain communication using video calling, daily or weekly check in calls, emails, newsletters – whichever is best for your company.
  2. Continue your CSR – organise social events like charity fundraisers, bake sales, virtual game nights etc.
  3. Create an environment that employees are proud to represent. Collaborate with HR and keep your company ethos in mind at all times.
  4. Offer a support system that is above government-funded mental health supports.
  5. Create a supportive framework where line managers are trained and supported in employee wellness. Make use of EAPs and offer additional supports such as counselling, money advice, addiction issues etc.

If you’d like to learn more about our hybrid working solutions, virtual offices, serviced office space or our new co-working hub opening soon in Kildare, please contact the Premier Business Centres team today to discuss your options.

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