How to motivate employees to return to the office

Sarah Corcoran

Blog Writer

The time has finally come when it is safe to return to the office, but what’s the best way to approach it with your staff? Many employees have adjusted well to a work from home model and now have a taste of what it would be like to have no commute and more free time. Motivating employees to return to the office after getting used to working from home may be tough for some businesses, but there are smart ways to do it. Read our tips to motivate employees to return to a traditional office setting and how Premier Business Centres can help.

Offer Flexi Working Hours

No one is looking forward to a return to their daily commute, sitting in traffic for hours to make it to their desk for 9 am. Offer staff a flexible time frame for which they must be in the office and let them decide the best time to be at their desks. For example, giving them guidance on ‘core hours’, maybe 10am to 4pm, and allowing flexibility on either side will give staff the freedom to avoid traffic, pick up children from school, attend personal appointments and more.

Hybrid Working

Companies who expect teams to return to the office full time will meet with resistance from staff who have enjoyed a more flexible approach. These days, it’s not a bonus but a baseline for job seekers that they will have control over their time. If it’s possible and does not affect workflow, offer a hybrid working option to your staff allowing them the freedom to choose their days in the office. It gives employees the best of both worlds.


When the world went into lockdown, one of the first things we missed was the level of social interaction we had become used to. We missed coffee breaks with colleagues, chatting about our weekend, sharing funny stories and seeing the people we work with naturally instead of scheduling video calls. A return to the office is a return to socialisation which leads to better teamwork. It gives colleagues something to look forward to and a sense of belonging. It also builds a sense of camaraderie between colleagues and allows personal relationships to form, something we have truly missed out on since workplaces closed.

Employee Wellbeing

Return to work brings anxieties and worries to many staff who have shielded themselves fully for almost two years. Displaying a true understanding of employees’ concerns and making changes to your return-to-work procedure in line with these concerns will help ease their minds. It will also make staff feel like they are being heard and that their worries are being treated fairly. A tiered approach to returning to the workplace to prevent overcrowding, paired with a case-by-case consideration of personal circumstances will help. Read our blog on improving employee wellbeing for inspiration.

Consider Location

If the past two years have shown anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter where your office is, as long as productivity is high. Many people have chosen to move to more affordable, less commuter-friendly parts of the country meaning returning to the office may be difficult. Choosing flexible workplace solutions like co-working hubs gives employees a clear line between home and office working without the commute. Learn more about the fantastic new coworking hub we have launched in Osprey Hotel in Naas. If a city-centre location suits, we have a rare opportunity for serviced office space in a coveted location in Dublin 2. Get in touch for more details about leasing this space.

Make the office itself more attractive

Improving the facilities and amenities available to staff will make the workplace more attractive. Consider upgrading furniture, providing ergonomic desks and chairs, better quality supplies and adding complimentary refreshments or upgrading the ones you already offer. Cleanliness and upkeep should be top priority – staff are more productive in a safe, clean environment. You should also arrange get-togethers and coffee mornings to bring people from across the building together building a sense of community wellbeing. Continue to follow government guidance on preventing the spread of Covid 19 making the workplace as safe as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about serviced offices in Dublin or Kildare, co-working hubs, virtual offices, or flexible workplace solutions, contact Premier Business Centres today. Let us talk you through your options and come up with a workplace solution that saves you time, hassle, and money.

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